“Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! It’s no secret that deep admiration for teachers and the work they do is one of Edmodo’s core tenets. This year, to celebrate teachers, we decided to go straight to the experts: their students. Our brand new cohort of Student Ambassadors reflected on the impactful teachers in their lives. Here’s what they had to say:
Teachers elevate learning experiences and facilitate deep and creative engagement with class material.
“Mr. Alan Hughes keeps us engaged in his lesson plans; he doesn’t just expect us to sit down and listen to him talk. He uses different techniques to help us learn the information, like our knowledge map, note-taking, stuff to know, and different books to help us UNDERSTAND our material, not just memorize it. Also, he breaks down the information into units (Japan, India, etc.) and makes sure we dive deep into the information we are learning about.” – 7th grader, Carmel, Indiana
“Mrs. Jill Austin makes English class very interesting and always takes time in class to help her students out. She lets us express ourselves and share our poems and journals and that is incredibly encouraging to us.” – 9th grader, Fayetteville, North Carolina
Mrs. Trish Hodgson always keeps it light in class. It doesn’t feel like you are taking notes, or reading/discussing a book, it feels like you are having a conversation with someone who is explaining a topic to you. She gives interesting projects based on our lessons, and ALWAYS encourages us to speak out in class!” – 7th grader, Carmel, Indiana
Students are thankful for the roles teachers occupy beyond the classroom. They serve as support systems and mentors, leaving lasting impressions on the numerous lives they touch.  
“I appreciate Ms. Sarah Jacobs because not only does she help me academically, she also helps me personally. I feel that I am able to talk to her about anything because she makes me feel safe and comfortable. This teacher has taught me so much that I feel prepared for the life ahead of me.” – 8th grader, San Jose, California
“Teachers are the reason we are able to move forward. My teacher, Mr. Frank Torres, does just that, he helps me with problems and teaches me how to solve them for future occasions. Without him, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I thank him for that.” – 11th grader, San Juan, Puerto Rico”
from Diigo http://bit.ly/1Y41ms0